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Who Runs The World Wednesday: Tiara Bastien

A Day Of Royalty Traveling Spa is a small black women-led business ran by Tiara Bastien. It became a thought of Tiara’s because as a lupus warrior the biggest trigger for a flare up would be stress in any negative form. At a young age she had to teach herself stress management techniques. She found her biggest relief from taking weekend trips away with baths and aromatherapy. When she couldn’t get away for the weekend she would find time to develop her relaxation techniques at home and that’s where the thoughts behind our Spa Bath products came in.

Tiara has studied the and experimented with many different exercises, diets, aromatherapy properties and meditation techniques. To this day she has managed her stress levels to the point where without medication for her lupus she has very minimal set backs. She wanted to share her gift by providing stress relieving products with techniques designed just for your optimal relaxation.

This business epiphany was originally supposed to be an in-home experience with massages and foot baths but because of the COVID-19 pandemic and her high risk categorization she had to adjust the direction of the company. She hopes to one day be able to treat you royally in your palaces when it is safe to do so.

Until then trust in Tiara to help treat yourself Royally with A Day of Royalty!


Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @adayofroyalty

Facebook: A Day Of Royalty Traveling Spa



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