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Who Runs The World Wednesday: Krystal Dior Hicks

Krystal Dior Hicks, owner of Dior Homes, has been self employed for over 10 years. After owning a beauty salon, hair extension business, women’s boutique, business coaching consulting, and other endeavors, Ms. Krystal Dior Hicks decided it was time to venture off into Real Estate. She then became a Realtor in 2016 expanding her portfolio. Once getting in Real Estate, Ms. Krystal Dior Hicks realized that’s what she was passionate about and wanted to expand in all areas of Real Estate. She then created The Dorsey Team LLC (now Speedy Cash Home Buyers LLC) to wholesale and flip land. After selling lots to several builders and investors, Krystal decided she wanted to get into home building. Ms. Krystal Dior Hicks then went on to start Dior Homes LLC to bring modern homes to Dallas. Krystal is currently working on several new construction projects in the DFW area and continuing to wholesale/flip land. Her real estate license is still active and she also has an active Loan Officer license for 8 states. Krystal was born and raised in Dallas, TX where she currently resides.


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