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This is dedicated to the lover in you…

--sleepy brown--

Happy Valentine’s Day… *screaming* every day is the fourteenth.

If you are reading this…. CHILL-LAYYYYY you have made it.

*praise dance*

Today is affectionately known as Valentines Day... This day is also my parents wedding anniversary… Chile 38 years……...

A lot of people look at this day in one of two ways: 1) just another day and believe that you should celebrate yourself and loved ones E’ERDAYYYY OKurrrrr!!!!!

or 2) a day for major retail corporations to capitalize off the consumer. The average person is expected to spend $221.34. Again, that’s the average. As a collective Americans are expected to spend $30 billion in the good ole 2019!!!!

Okay chile enough of the el factos.

I am always asked why I celebrate Valentine’s Day, here is why:


This is my parentals wedding anniversary, so the celebration was two-fold. I can remember we would always get some type of gift. Whether it was a teddy bear, candy, and/or chocolate. My mom would say to my sister and me.

“Always remember if you never have a “Valentine” I’m your Valentine”

Also, on that day in celebration of their anniversary she would cook. Surf and Turf was on the menu Steak, Lobster Tails, Shrimp, bake potato, and salad. She didn’t cook us anything different we ate what they ate. So, we ATE GOODT you hear me!!!!!!


I’ve always continued the celebration with a nice dinner that I cook for myself. I go to the store get a steak, a bag of potatoes, the toppings for my baked potato, bag salad and wine. Babyyyyy cook that steak and sauté some onions to put on top, bake that potato in the oven and gather that salad right on up and pour my wine. I would sit in front of the T.V and just be.

Our valentine (my mom) still gives us a little something, but now that we are “grown” she gives us money to either get a pedicure, go to King Spa, or to have a nice dinner to treat ourselves because we are deserving of that.

One year I decided I wanted to do it all up for myself.

I had decided I was going to do a staycation at my favorite hotel, The Hotel Nylo in Las Colinas. i reserved a room for one night and put in a request at work to come in late Monday cause I wanted to enjoy my staycation.

Valentine’s Day happened to fall on a Sunday that year.

I went to praise the lord and after I took myself to brunch and got FULL off mimosas cause why not! Went home and packed my bag and grabbed a huge bottle of wine. Checked into my room and just channeled surfed and sipped my wine. The room package I choose came with a $25.00 food and drink credit. I later went down and had a nice dinner at the bar. After eating went up to my good ole room and passed out in the comfy dark room that a hotel room gives.

That was my Valentine’s Day.

I make sure that I treat myself almost every day but especially this day. In the world of FB, Doing it for the Gram, Twitter and The Snapchat. You are surrounded with posts that this is Single Awareness day and or pictures of people posting what their boos have gotten them. When I was single…...

*smirk* I would find myself slightly in my feelings as I ate my steak by myself. Look it’s okay to have those feelings but to keep from sitting in them. I decided to do something about it call it TREAT MYSELF DAY.

While I am here let me drop this off...

Its also okay to LOG OFF…... (be on the look out for another blog post speaking on this subject)

Even though I am in a relationship I still treat this day as TREAT MYSELF DAY.

There you go!

The lesson in this is…...

Treat YO’SELF…. Be kind to yourself and log off social media for a mental break… Make your own traditions that create memories…

Much love!!!!

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