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The Right Time.... The Right Place #TBT



Well to start off with..... I have just come back from my second home.. Dallas, Texas.. * at the time I was living in good ole atl.* Friday the 13th was a fantabulous ​day!!!!! I went to the Beyonce concert


My best friend Charvette had won tickets on the radio for the concert.. when she got the tickets they were in the nosebleeds. she sold those tickets and bought some other tickets thinking that we would get some good seats. SIKE!!!!

we took them anyway and went to the concert... the seats were in "North Korea" (level 3). Robin Thicke(opening act) came out we grooved in our seats. He did a great job, But I took notice that our section was kinda dry. *side eye*

there was a brief intermission for Beyonce and When she came out My friends and I acted like a bunch of monkeys jumping up an down. now Mind you we are in North Korea!

Why did we recieve a tap by a woman.. saying we needed to sit down because no one can see because we are standing up!!

Whoa!!!! Wait a minute..

I paid money to see this concert!!! I am not sitting!! This isn't a sitting concert!!

This wasn't a Smoove Grooves 2007..

This is BEYONCé... this is beyoncé...

luckily we had scoped some seats during the intermission and decided to try and move. wellllll.... my friend shot off like Micheal Johnson running track..

Her cousin and I continued to walk not breaking a sweat. As my friend shoots into the curtains to get the seats when the ticket man asked for the tickets she ran the other way Because we didnt have the correct tickets to sit in that section.

(by the way we ended up on level one we went down too far we were supposed to be at level 2)

During the time that was going on two girls pass her cousin and I saying that they are giving front row seats away find the lady in the green shirt.

So now I..a big girl is running!! Dont be foolish!! Big girls can run!!!!

I found the lady in the green shirt And I ask her does she have anymore front row tickets she says no!!

she says how many are in your party. three I answer. she fumbles

through about 15 tickets and produces SECOND ROW.. seats.. OMG!!!!

hands them to me and says enjoy the show!!!!

You know when you watch the Price is Right and they call your name..

Thats how we were running all three of us...

How about we were second row!!!!!!!!!!!(center seats)

We could see everything.. What was the best concert ever..

So to you my friends that's a lesson..

Right time... Right Place...

There are alot of what ifs.. What if that lady wouldnt have tapped us.. What if those girls didn't share that piece of info... What if..

Can't worry about the what ifs.. Worry about the right now!!!!!!!!


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