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Who Runs The World Wednesday: Samantha Matthews


I officially have five more days till my date of birth. normally I have all these extravagant announcements and plans for my birthday extravaganza eleganza! but this year I don't. and thats ok.. I decided to bless you with....

thirty-seven Life Lessons:

1. our plans are not his plans. come on Jesus! mahn!

2. Its okay to say no

3. can't save every one.. you have to save yourself... *sings* don't save em' they don't want to be saved.. don't save them...

4. Don't overextend yourself for others

5. live in the moment

6. everyone in your life isn't meant to be there for a lifetime.... we all know the saying

7. staycations are life

8. living is when you truly step out of your comfort zone

9. date yourself

10. enjoy the little things

11. you're only responsible for your actions

12.Love your self... love your self... love your whole damn self.. the good.. the bad... and the ugly

13. learn to laugh at yourself..... cause babyyyyy I am hilarious

14. Stop caring about what others say... people will talk regardless

15. stop comparing yourself to others

16.remember to breathe

17. everyone ain't your friend... Chile..... for every time my mama said this I would've been secured the bag!

18. do what makes you happy not them

19. Happiness is truly an inside job

20. words matter

21. let it go... let it go.... let it go... let.. it.. go...

22. love without conditions

23. live the life you love

24. take care of yourself... mentally, spiritually, physically

25. meditation helps.. a lot... relax... relate... release!

26. journal it out

27. its okay to sit in silence and be still

28. its okay to make mistakes but learn from them

29. know your worth

30. Chile.... mind your business and keep your hands busy says the lord...think I'm playing go read 1 Thessalonians 4:11

31. stop holding it in.... before you be on snapped!!!

32. turn up the music and twerk sum' okrrr!

33. always have your phone charged (so when Beyonce graces your presence again you will be prepared.)

34. no face... no case.... bawhahahah!

35. nurture your friendships

36. find someone to travel with and travel the world.

37..............Lastly I AIN'T SORRY.....

I had super fun creating this... I hope you all enjoyed reading it... and have taken something from these lessons!!

peace and love!

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