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"It's a party... It's a party... It's a PART-Tay"

" They ask me what I do and who I do it for.. And how I come up with this ish.. in the studio... All I want for my birthday is a big booty ho...."

2 Chainz


But really....

I am asked why do I throw gatherings every year on the same weekend.

Well lets address WHY do I throw gatherings every year. A good friend of mine Waverly Champion and I used to talk hours on end about getting our girlfriends together to kick off our shoes and relax our feet, loosen up our bra straps, and snatch off wigs all while having a cocktail of course.

Cause what is a ladies night.... without a cocktail.

Hmmph.... *smirk* I'll wait............

and I love entertaining......

So why not give it a whirl.

Fast forward a few years my great friend Waverly passed away from the complications of that damn thing called cancer. Breast Cancer to be exact. Babyyyyy crushed my soul. Her funeral happened to be on the day of my ladies night. Well.... I couldn't bring myself to go to the funeral so I didn't cancel the party. I turned into a memoriam of sorts. I know she would've wanted that way anyway.

Which leads to why I do it the same weekend every year... I do this in remembrance of her.....

She always loved to get together and have a cocktail with her girlfriends.

March 3,2018 made three years that she has been gone

I had my 5th Annual Ladies Night/Game Night and it gets better every year.

This game night was entitled The Pink Cup Olympics!

-----------Yes Chile.-----------

I have themes for all my parties okay!!

Click on the video to see what kind of fun we had.

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