It's Friday.....



"It's Friday and I'm ready to swing..... Pick up my girls and hit the party scene..... Tonight..... oooohhhhh it's alright"---- Back & Forth






A couple of weeks ago my good friend sent me a screen shot of an event.  It was for the Black Violin Classical Boom Tour and they were making their way to good ole DALLAS!!! 


Hip Hop Violinist.  HIP to the HOP VIOLINIST..  


If you follow me on any social media you know that I LOVE anything HIP HOP AND VIOLINS!!


SO...  You know I was down!



We all have that one friend who will call you and say lets go on an adventure and you're down ALREADY knowing its about to be a good time.


This is THAT friend I do all things outside the box with.




Go to museums, plays, festivals, burlesque shows, scavenger hunts and such...........


Friday night March 9th.  


We decided to catch the train to the event.  


CHILE.......... I'll just say it was ADVENTURE.... TO SAY THE LEAST!!!           

When we arrived at the Annette Strauss Square in one piece! I had to thank the LAWD above! *cheese* We had lawn seating and it was perfect weather for it all!!


We were warm in our spirits! *smirk*


Good times to be had and I must admit that we were LIVE AT FIVE


     The show was amazing.  Black Violin did a tribute to BIGGIE and even did an ode to CARDI B.  At the end of the show they called some students on stage to play with them. I thought that was pretty DOPE!!!!  


They are really out here breaking STEREOTYPES which is the name of their album that is currently available on 
iTunes, Amazon and Spotify 









To learn about Black Violin click video below:









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